There was an early Phase of the chancellorship of Angela Merkel, which can be referred to as a time of Self-consciousness when you look over the right shoulder. To lose a few handful of self-proclaimed Conservative to the then Chairman of the CDU parliamentary group in the Hesse state, Christean Wagner, published these papers, in which the CDU-Chairman Angela Merkel accused, the programmatic recognition of the party from the eyes. Merkel and her followers believed, to can such voices very self-assuredly miss.

Eckart Lohse

head of the Parliamentary office in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

In November 2011, some criticized Wagner in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper, the conscription was hastily suspended the decision to shut down the German nuclear power plants also hastily passed. The CDU is located in the permanent survey depth, and the results of the election of 2009 was the worst since 1949. Specifically, he regretted that some well-known Union politicians mitkämpften in the ranks of the Union. Among others, he cited the former Minister-President Günther Oettinger, Roland Koch, and Friedrich Merz, the former group Chairman of the Union in the Bundestag. Not even one and a half years later, the AfD was founded. In the autumn of the partial year 2019, it has prospects of state elections in Eastern Germany as the strongest power to emerge.

A plenty of self-certain tone

Against this Background, it is no wonder that to listen to the CDU, to peak shortly after the Almost-election of Merz to the Federal Chairman, of the had in case of victory, a kind of natural claim on the Chancellor candidacy, again a sound, the sound abundant self-assured. The new CDU-Chairman Annegret Kramp said-Karrenbauer, the not sitting today on your Post, if only another 18 delegates of the party Congress would have given the beginning of December, your voice, Merz held her in her confidential conversation with Merz before Christmas, it was a question of whether this Federal Minister, or even nothing. Merz had just announced that he is to trust a Minister.

Kramp-Karrenbauer said last week, the newspaper “The time”, the Minister Alternative or nothing “would not appreciate the party.” It was a raised index finger in the direction of Merz, had applied for beyond the presidency to a single Leadership in the CDU. But Kramp-karrenbauer in a tone of voice against Merz, the still be wide supporter of field may not be very suitable: “incidentally, I counted at the last Cabinet Breakfast again and it was found that The Cabinet was complete. There is a need there is for the Chancellor not to act.“ Anyone who mocks, have to be very sure of.