The dance around the Golden Steak. The posturing of Franck Ribéry has triggered a heated debate far beyond football. The impression is not to be dismissed out of Hand: some highly paid Star no longer seem to know even what to do with all the money. But this is not a private matter, for what is Sport to spend millionaires money? And what if you donate at the same time for social purposes? To stop chain, the showing off in the gold? And why the clubs can see the swank-posturing of their employees do not like – they filled in the Stars with money?

My yacht, my Model, my sports car. In the social media world, items of stars like Cristiano Ronaldo photos from your world that has nothing to do with that of the average audience in the stadiums to jewelry. For the latest Bayern is often a Jersey for almost 90 Euro luxury. What is the scale?

admiration instead of criticism

In General, the professionals reap more admiration instead of criticism, when you float like Bayern-player Kingsley Coman in front of a car with gull-wing doors. Or as his colleague Jérôme Boateng, according to reports in the media, a Lamborghini indulge, as the former Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a similar missile even gold plating. Or as the Brazilian Neymar for a photo lounging on a outrageously expensive Ferrari 458 Spider crouching.

Just young players it is often only the profiling status symbols, recently said the former Bundesliga player Jan Rosenthal in an Interview with “the Sports buzz”. “A watch, a car, or the new expensive clothes. To use the Image of the professionals, because these things topic of conversation in the cabin,“ said Rosenthal.

The DFB disgraced world champion Mesut Özil opened with “Hypebeast” even before the doors to his estate in London to show everything: dressing room, cinema and a Playstation room, a fleet. Eljero Elia had done to his Bremen time to a TV for 35,000 euros. Boateng also found nothing to present to his Sneakers-collection – allegedly 600 pairs – public: “Yes, that is really gross. My mother always said, if I do not want to open a Shoe store. Spread over two rooms, ‘ve just started early…“ New to the subject but is not. The Northern Irish football legend George Best had phrased it once: “I have spent a lot of money for alcohol, women and fast cars, the Rest I squandered.”

And now Ribery: a Celebration of his holiday in the Emirate of Dubai, a meal with a gold-leaf-covered Steak, and a hyped-up fancy schmancy chef and will be heavily criticised, even from his native France, where for weeks the “yellow West” against the rising cost-of-living protest. Ribéry will not agree but the attacks. For his tirade, FC Bayern gave him a high money penalty.

“With the social media, it is not so easy. The society determines what is allowed and what is not.“ It will gepöbelt often and the part “under all cannon,” said ribéry’s teammate Thomas Müller. Again and again prominent as the French are quite surprised when you reap something other than a couple of hundreds of thousands of Likes.