This is very sad news for the world of cinema. On August 8, 2022, actress and singer Olivia Newton-John died at the age of 73. Her husband, John Easterling revealed that she died “peacefully on his ranch located in southern California (USA) surrounded by his family and friends”, he wrote on his Instagram account and add: “Olivia has been a beacon of triumph and hope for 30 years by sharing her experience of breast cancer.”

The interpreter of Sandy in the cult film Grease was suffering from breast cancer which she had been fighting for thirty years. The star did not hesitate to talk about it in the media. In February 2021, Olivia Newton-John confided in People: “I didn’t think I would live this long, I feel blessed. Despite the illness, I feel good,” she said and added: “If you believe in the statistics, they are going to come true. If you are told that you have six months to live, it is very likely that it will happen, because you are going to believe it. So, for me, psychologically, it better not to know the diagnosis or to know that someone who has the same thing as you survived”.

At the announcement of his disappearance, the tributes have multiplied. The most anticipated was undoubtedly that of John Travolta, his friend and sidekick in Grease. The 68-year-old actor sent him a tender message on his Instagram account. “My dear Olivia, you have made our lives all so much better. Your example has been amazing. I love you so much. We will meet again along the way and we will be together again. Faithful, from the day I saw the first time and forever. Your Danny, your John”.

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