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Marieke Vervoort for euthanasia, and so, yesterday at 20: 15 pm., deceased. “It was very, very calm, she quietly passed away in the inner circle,” says the doctor, Wim Distelmans. “At least Mariekes, with a glass of bubbly in your hand.”

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at the Beginning of this month, the athlete was still in the hospital. She was subjected to a treatment for pain, and for a severe infection. On the 12th of October, you know them on Facebook that she’s got to go.

During her last days, She was at home in the Mile to say goodbye to their friends and family. Also, one of her doctors, Wim Distelmans, cancer specialist and an advocate of the right to euthanasia, were there to say good-bye. “It was on that day, incredibly, a lot of people to come. At certain times you could barely make out the room,” says Distelmans. “One of the last men that come by her very good friend, Tom Waes. He was a very, very emotional.”

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as for The euthanasia has been around for at 20.15 o’clock. “In the inner circle. After all, your friends and acquaintances to say farewell had been taken. Only her family and doctors and her psychologist and several nurses, who have been long discussed, was there. It was very peaceful and quiet,” says Distelmans yet. “It was her ultimate desire. And I’ve seen her some years ago, he promised to do, and that if they did, they went to help. She has gone on to make his Mariekes. A dafalganneke as it was, she always has a glass of bubbly. It was a cava, not champagne, and they drank like.”

The Town of Diest, a book is opened. Fans and supporters are able to Create, on the 28th of October, from 18 hours to 20 hours, with a final salute, bring the Court to the Plaza, Rodestraat 7 Mile.

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