what Are the matching of the doelpuntentotaal Diego Maradona (115 goals for Napoli will still have to wait a little longer. Dries Mertens should be located in Genk (be) to satisfy, with a subbing more than half-an-hour. There is little time to be Right over a very strong Genk started: 0-0.

the first division soccer team KRC Genk in the End Of 0 0 This Report and Exhibits, “I don’t think we can be satisfied with a draw,”said the Red Devil. “I think Genk’s good at it, but we were never in the game to come. A pity, because the three points at home against Liverpool, it was a new victory here is very, very good here.”

Will did not deny that the Right of Genk and may be underestimated at all. “We know that Genk will be strong for the day to come. But we had our chances to finish it. You will get a different experience. Now it remained at Genk for the game, and they played very well.”

what Are the Outside-wait a minute, will be for another time. “If I succeed, his doelpuntentotaal to match, I will be very proud of. But I was even more proud with a victory here in Belgium. In the Champions League in may, you will not get it. Be sure not to have the three points.”

finally, finally, got, Will, also have a question about non-renewal. “I know nothing about it. If I take an extended stay to see them? Yes, but they have to want it. I haven’t heard of it. So We can see it.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Mazzu: “it is a Pity that we have the opportunity to use”

Felice Mazzu was a happy man after his thuisdebuut in the Champions League. “A tip tackle against Napoli after the bad performance in it is pretty good. The only pity is that we have the opportunity not to take advantage of. If the Ianis have that opportunity at the end to finish, there was more than one point. This one also had its share of chances, so in general, we are satisfied with the results. It’s the most pleased I am with the mentality that my team has shown. The will and the pride to show himself to this level again.”

The shame of it is not completely wiped out, but zero for Genk’s definitely on the table. “We have been able to show that we are able to perform at this level. Now it’s up to us to prove it in the league. That the pressure is now on the way it is? No, in belgium, there will always be pressure to perform at your best.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> , Such as: “There was no more than a paragraph.”:

The big-Carlo, Such as could be best to live with the 0-0 draw. “I think my team are doing the right thing” has stuck to the Italian master coach from the ground. “It was even better to have it done. I’d of course prefer to win, but I am very satisfied. It was a very tough match for my boys and it really wasn’t that much more than a point. In away games in the Champions League, you just have to be happy with a draw. That’s the reality of it. We will be doing in the booth is definitely not a bad thing. We are still in the lead and it is, but Liverpool later on tonight, will win the Account.”

This a single-of-this-chances are the neck, and that it had been Such as, of course, also be seen. “Owned and played a good game today, but he has missed a lot of chances. If you do it three times, and the doelhout fails, there must be at least one in. But, I repeat, once more, to a point on the movement, it is a good kampioenenbal. The media is often negative, in my opinion. We will have our work cut out, but Genk was very good. I wasn’t surprised at their level. Defensively they were much stronger than in August. We also expect them to be on the counter-attack and were to lie in wait.”

as Such, to the end of the reasons for the Neapolitan popular restaurant, Lorenzo’s Badge, and not even on the bench, he was in the stands. “Lorenzo, it was not really in the training. This was a tactical choice. He / she has no injury. I’m counting on him for the next game.”

Photo: JEFFREY GAENS < / P> An: “very Good response after a difficult week:

the Sander On and was happy with the first point in the uefa Champions League. “A good team performance against one of the best teams in the world,” said the Norwegian. “I saw a good reaction from the team after a couple of tough weeks.”

“at This point, it is therefore sure to deserve it. We were respectful, but not too much. Our pressing was good, and our block was very solid and we have had our moments of trying to grasp it. They will have opportunities to be created, but so are we. In this kind of contests, you have to have a little bit of luck is required in order not to tegendoelpunt to them. I am proud of the team. We have to have it to them hard and do not collapse like the last couple of weeks-too-often been the case in the league.”

Photo: AP < / P> Coucke, “Really a wonderful night,”

Also, Gaëtan Coucke had a very strong Genk and is seen. “It is true that This is perhaps the greatest opportunity it has had, but we also have a number of at least the same number again.”, said the goalkeeper. “We have even had the chance to win, but I think that is a correct representation of the game. It was a really lovely evening. We have been fighting to this point, and with that great crowd behind us. During the game, you are, of course, very focused, but on the dead set piece, I heard they vooruitschreeuwen. We have had to this point is completely packed.”

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