When reality inspires fiction. In October 2021, Dany Boon unveiled the fruit of his work with his partner Laurence Arné, entitled 8 rue de l’Humanité. A comedy that will speak to millions of former confined, directed by the famous actor chti and co-written with four hands with the famous actress, to discover on Netflix.

At the heart of this family story, we follow the adventures of a neighborhood affected by the global pandemic and how these individuals find solutions to cope with the situation. Among the inhabitants of the Rue de l’Humanité that we will discover on screen, Laurence Arné and Dany Boon play a couple whose husband and father is afraid of catching the virus. A very familiar role for the actor who has already made the French laugh in his other film Supercondriaque in 2014. “A deconfinement for a hypochondriac does not exist”, he declared last May on RTL at the time of writing. of the project. “What’s funny is that I’m a hypochondriac, but when I saw the anguish of my children, I said to myself, I have no right to be because I have to reassure them. Very surprisingly, I was less freaked out, less freaked out, than I would have thought I would be.”

With the difference that for his new achievement, Dany Boon was inspired by his daily life with his partner Laurence Arné since 2018. As he explained in Sud-Ouest. “At the start of confinement, we may not have measured the impact it would have on their lives. We were hyperconnected, as soon as some crazy news came out, everyone clung to it hoping to find a door of exit”, revealed the father of the family while “the children, them, cashed”. Then, to add to our colleagues. “When we realized it, we took a little distance and said to ourselves ‘let’s cut this permanent flow, let’s ask the children questions about what they felt, about how they were living this confinement’. had them drawn, we filmed them and we listened to them”.

Just like his partner, Laurence Arné preferred to draw the positive from these numerous phases of confinement which affected France. “This confinement has made us very creative. There are very funny things circulating on social networks. We had fun watching this every day. (…) Something joyful also happened from which we could draw a bit of optimism.

Before finding them this Sunday April 23 on TF1 in Radin, Planet invites you to discover the most beautiful photos of the couple on the red carpet through our slideshow.