Loss of freedoms is feared – China’s Parliament approves controversial law for Hong Kong zuKritiker go of a major intervention in the autonomy of the former crown colony from the go. It comes now to an escalation? 0 comment protestors against police officers – the decision of the people’s Congress is likely to inflame the mood in Hong Kong. REUTERS

In China, the national people’s Congress, the controversial so-called security law for Hong Kong added. The members of the once-a-year Parliament voted on Thursday with 2878 to one vote, with six abstentions, for the plans of the government in Beijing in the special administrative region of Hong Kong several times already, thousands of citizens have protested. The protesters fear the loss of freedoms in the former British colony enjoys since its return to China in 1997. Internationally, the project has met with criticism. US President, Donald Trump has threatened a harsh response to the proposed law.

Last week, China’s head of government Li Keqiang had announced new laws and “enforcement mechanisms” to safeguard the national security in Hong Kong. Therefore, Chinese police and intelligence services with far-reaching powers could be transferred to Hong Kong. The objective should be to fight a secession, Subversion, terrorism, and interference from abroad. With the vote of the people’s Congress standing Committee will be entrusted to the law to develop.


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