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Berlin Alexanderplatz, February 1933. From the distance three men in uniforms to go around an elderly gentleman. “Dirty Jew”, call the Uniformed and bump the Old one to the ground. The men belong to the Sturmabteilung of the NSDAP. One of them raises his Arm for the Hitler salute.

the scene Would be part of a painting, a Film or a TV series: It would, of course, to show you. You is game from a computer. And because the anti-Semitic acts, which occurred shortly after Hitler’s appointment as Reich Chancellor, with bright red armband velvet swastika, should not have been released to the game Through the Darkest of Times with this scene in Germany actually.

Because that is the law of unconstitutional symbols like swastikas are banned. While in the case of other media, the so-called social adequacy clause is applied, in order to but swastikas point, not happened in the Play so far (see box). The entertainment software self-regulation body (USK), which checks in Germany, every game before its release, has followed this requirement for a long time. At the end of August, the USK changed their policy, took advantage of the social adequacy clause and gave the demo version of the game you label: Released from 12 years of age.

video the game of “Through the Darkest of Times” use of unconstitutional symbols

Paragraph 86a of the criminal code (StGB) prohibits the “Use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations”, for example, of the swastika, but also Hitler salute. Who uses them, however, can get a money penalty or up to three years in prison. Since the so-called Wolfenstein-the judgment of the higher regional court of Frankfurt from the year 1998 (Az.: 1 Ss 407/97 fix) is applied to the section for games: The Supreme land youth authorities decided that games with symbols of unconstitutional organisations can, in principle, receive no share.