There has been a meeting more exciting the Three kingdoms. The Free Democrats, headed by their chief Christian Lindner, will not irritate your possibilities to attack political opponents this time – to much you hope for it to be from the Opposition prematurely redeemed by a “fair offer” for participation in a Federal Government.

depending on the situation, so an offer can for the time being, the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Therefore, Lindner, Stuttgart identifies clearly the well-known Separation of the tax and social policy, verkneift but tips that could tarnish the relationship in a sustainable way.

he Also signalled with some demands of new socio-political mobility his party. This is likely to listen to Kramp-karrenbauer. The FDP wants to not only reward successful “hard-working” by lower taxes and duties, but also to a more generous basic security for those who are struggling with less success.

it is also a training aid in the middle years and the salaries denounces gap between the sexes. The contradictions that arise here, not you, to be stuck in the waiting state.