Also in the harmony, you know the academic quarter, because as Peter Fischer at the Podium came to focus on Monday evening, exactly one hour and eleven minutes long presidential words to the 533 members in the General Assembly, had passed the obligatory quarter of an hour ago. There he was, so – to 18. Time. “Of full age”, as the since August 2000 President and has since been re-elected President said to the applause of the members. The clapped even louder and more intense, as Fischer broke off his speech to ask Adi Hütter to the podium. The head coach of the currently on the table five of the Bundesliga the opposite team, had brought with him on Monday as his two assistants, Christian Peintinger and Armin Reuters Hahn, as well as goalkeeper coach Manfred “Moppes” Petz and the Frankfurter Bub, defender Timothy Chandler, in the Wolfgang Steubing hall on riedewald, said, “to be here. A pity, however, that we will not have the Cup back again next year,“ said the 48-year-old Austrians at the sight of the Golden DFB Cup next to the lectern.

Ralf Weitbrecht

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

The moderately and prudently occurring Hütter received a lot of approval when he said: “In the championship we are quite good on the road, and in the Europa League, we have done it quite well.” Also, because in the Background of sports Board Fredi Bobic and sports Director Bruno Hübner have taken if the Assembly attended, with a lot of sound judgement in most cases, the right players for the right positions to Frankfurt. For Hübner, by the way, it was a matter of course, to be on Monday in the General Assembly – despite, or perhaps because of his 58. Birth tags.

A very exciting year for Frankfurt

Fischer was talking that way, how you know him: long, but entertaining, profound and pointedly. And for good reason: “It is the most extraordinary and exciting year, I was at Eintracht Frankfurt experience. It was really an awesome year.“ The people catcher fishermen know that such achievements as winning the DFB-pass Cup only once in a blue moon. “All of us here, have experienced Nürnberg”, he said, to the Assembly, to remember the Relegation match against the “Club”. On the current location, Fischer said, “we play a great football. But the expectation I think is clearly covered.“ Applause came as a fisherman to grip advertised: “this is not a Crazy, the say: the Champions League and German Champions.” Curious, but very soon, The harmony is not only sporty in Germany on fifth place. Also, the number of members it will be the harmony that currently has 67500 members and Stuttgart outstrip. “We are drawn to the VfB for a long time past,” said the fisherman; and again applause broke out. For the first man, the harmony is clear: “the Lord mayor in Frankfurt will in future only if he has the votes of Eintracht Frankfurt.”