For the first time in almost ten years, Mosaert, the company is of Stromae, the loss suffered, as reported in The News. Due to the loss of up to 300,000 euros, a fall of the ability of the lead entrepreneur, from 11.9 to more than 11 million euros.

Paul Van Haver, known as Stromae, he Mosaert, in the year 2010. Initially, the company focused solely on the music, and in 2014 there was also a label on. That he shares with his wife, designer Coralie Barbier.

“and The label is still profitable,” said economist Thierry Debels. “In the music section just isn’t there, but that is really easy to verkaren. Stromae has a sabbatical leave, published, already, almost two, during which he is completely out of the media is disappearing. Of course, there will be less revenue, but the firm can still take a beating though. The verliesje of up to 300,000 euros, is in itself a good. But it is not, of course, continue to do.”

you Might have him think about that for a new record, according to Debels. “A treasure, and the loss would have been disposed of. Who knows, maybe he’s already working on it.”