currently The most sought-after ski jumping coach in the world? Is an Austrian and works in Germany. Werner Schuster is all the rage. The man from the Kleinwalsertal valley, the Skigymnasiums Stams, lives in Tirol, close to, is in the eleventh year for the German ski Federation (DSV). Since then, many have achieved titles, triumphs, and trophies are for the most part, Schuster’s merit. The now 49-year-old sports professional has changed old structures, new paths taken, the bandage from the bottom to the top, and to consistently successful. Olympic champion, world champion, overall world Cup winner in: Schuster has achieved with great Teamwork, everything, almost everything. The Only thing that he was denied the victory by a German ski jumper at the four-hills-tournament.

Up to the mid-point of this cross-border leap of pleasure had the win in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen with second places triumphing Markus eisenbichler of all the possibilities, against the great Dominator of this winter when there is a change in the Austrian ski jumps. But since the crash at the Innsbruck Bergisel, where the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi was not only the German persecutors, but also the other European ski jump tracker scores behind, has become the tour to a solo event. You might regret. Not so of the of his home country, the fiercely sought-after Werner Schuster – and rightly so. He pays tribute to a fascinating ski jumping, showing, more or less perfect jumps, respect and shows his admiration.

this is Exactly it: the pursuit of perfection. Schuster has many of these moments with his German knights. But now, at the end of this winter, it could be over. His possible return to Austria would be a serious turning point for the camp of the German ski jumper – and at the same time, the opportunity, his most solid work to continue. Fix is, of course, still nothing. Schuster is also a place in the coming weeks leading up to the world Cup in Seefeld hardly his reticence and reveal how it is really not, after the expiry of his contract with him. However, the Association shall look for the case of the cases to other trainers.

as Stefan Horngacher, during the tour, always spoken of again, could be a suitable successor for the success of coach Schuster. The also 49 years old Horngacher is Stoch for 2016 with great success, head coach of the strong Poland Grand Slam winner Kamil and he knew exactly what to do. Hardly anyone outside the German ski Federation knows better than the Tyrol, as Schuster thinks, and how a cobbler from the bottom to the top of successful builds.

Prior to his move to the ski-crazy Poland shoemaker’s assistant was Horngacher five years in Germany. Horngacher for the cobbler – that would fit. As with the cobbler, and the Austrians would fit. Exciting times in the world championship decision of the winter. Not only in the ski jump track, in which the Germans and the Austrians the gap to Kobayashi shorten want. But the other side of the jump table.