do not increase, Why trust the Federal Minister of health on the planned structural improvements in the hospitals, the organ donation to? Why strive for it in addition the so-called contradiction solution, according to which the Silence, which is not to be speech on organ donation, deemed to consent, so, who contradicts in his lifetime, is automatically considered as a donation willingly? The Christine ash, mountain-Dugnus (FDP) said on Thursday in Parliament, not without to be shown in the soon to be there once again debating the end of the objection solution as an unacceptable attack against the right to self-determination.

Ascheberg-Dugnus recalled how their colleagues in the health Committee Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Green), and Hilde Mattheis (SPD), a joint research trip to Spain. You are asked to pay according to the reasons for the relatively high organ donation. The talks with the Spanish intensive care physicians have revealed that in the Iberian Peninsula formally applicable opposition rules will not be applied, they stand only on the paper.

an opt-in solution will not be Practiced, only to threaten, Yes, the confidence of the people into the organ donation system. The more you put in Spain value on the ongoing improvement of the transplant procedures. Thus, a contradiction solution Eyewash, ash, mountain-Dugnus was, and who she wants to talk now, speech is ignorant. A tip against Karl Lauterbach (SPD), who had warned in his speech shortly before that, before that, the improvement of structures of the transplantation against the opposition solution “to play”. A nice taboo attempt, his FDP colleague at full tilt crossed: she advised Lauterbach to be more often on the health Committee to look, he knew what he was talking about.