In the early 2000s, Virginie Efira was one of the PAF’s leading facilitators. She has notably hosted cult programs such as Operation Seduction, Classified Confidential and La Nouvelle Star. In 2010, television eventually tired of the Belgian who declared in Paris Match that she would no longer be a presenter “unless she had five children who had nothing left to eat”. Virginie Efira did not leave the small screen on a whim. Her desire for elsewhere started in 2004 when she lent her voice to the character of Liz Wil in the two parts of the film Garfield (2004 and 2006), then to Piper in Robots (2005). Then, she appeared in the Kaamelott series in the role of Berlewen, Bohort’s wife, then in Off Prime, a humorous series in which she plays herself. In 2005, she made her first steps on the big screen in Daniel Cattier’s film Africains Moyens Poids-Middles.

In 2010, Virginie Efira obtained her first major film role in Le Siffleur by Philippe Lefebvre, a film in which she played opposite Thierry Lhermitte and François Berléand. But it is in the romantic comedy Love is better for two with Clovis Cornillac and Manu Payet that she will meet with success with the general public. The ex-host becomes an essential actress of romantic comedies. It is found in particular in The chance of my life, 20 years apart, Caprice or A family for rent.

The year 2016 marks a real turning point in her career as an actress. Indeed, Virginie Efira will get the César for best actress thanks to her role as a lawyer and overwhelmed single mother in Victoria by Justine Triet. Since then, Virginie Efira has established herself as an essential actress of French cinema, alternating auteur films and romantic comedies with great talent.

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