The supermarktgroep the Colruyt group and the Belgian gasnetbeheerder Fluxys will have to decide in the next few weeks on how to build a large hydrogen plant in the region. They want to be on an industrial scale, hydrogen is produced with electricity from wind farms at sea, in a first of its kind in the country. That is, write The Time on Tuesday.

Parkwind, and Eoly, the windparkdochter and groenestroomleverancier of the Colruyt group, carried out together with the gasnetbeheerder, Fluxys, a feasibility study for the construction of a hydrogen plant in the region. The preliminary work has been done, then this is the magazine. In the next few weeks, the heels, the board of directors of the Colruyt Group and Fluxys, the node of the initial investment.

in Both Zeebrugge and Antwerp and is eligible for investment from 12 to 25 million euros. In Zeebrugge, belgium, the infrastructure for the country’s future is wind power right for producing hydrogen in order to convert. In addition to the natural gas grid it is suitable to make large quantities of hydrogen to be injected. The hydrogen no CO2 is released, will the green gas to businesses and households and can be sold. The location in Antwerp and is one of the advantage is that there are a lot of companies in the area. They use the hydrogen for fertilizer and plastic-making.