note that In the Flemish Parliament on Thursday in a symposium about sustainability in the Belgian dairy industry. Experts will share their vision on the role of dairy foods in a healthy and sustainable diet. Also, FLAME is an autonomous region of madeira, with remarks on the efforts made by the industry.

the FLAME of quotes that, among others, have been duurzaamheidsmonitor, that is, the effort focused on sustainability and monitoring in the sector. That will prove to be significant. The farmer took in the end of 2018, on average, which is 15.4 ‘sustainability initiatives’, compared to 9.3 in the baseline in year 2014. So was the fact that 56 percent of the farmers in the 2018 and by-products from the food to the animals.

another notable figure is that of the dairy industry, a reduction in waste achieved by a 45-percent for every 1,000 litres of milk in 10 years ‘ time. Also the decrease of the CO2 emissions for every 1,000 litres of milk by 37 per cent. However, the actual impact is limited to the total emissions of the sector, as it decreased over the same period by 2 per cent. The reason is that the rise of the total milk supply, since the abolition of the Eu milk quota system, said FLAME spokeswoman Lilian he received on this matter. Also, the productivity per animal is also increased.

the Standards and / or verbeteringspercentages submit to the duurzaamheidsmonitorrapport on it. The industry is taking initiatives on a voluntary basis. “It is true, however, that the farmers and the processors are very, very convinced of the importance of continuing efforts in the area of sustainability,” says Driesen. “They can also look to see how they do compared to co-producers, which is an additional motivation, results. The professional associations, to stir up that motivation to continue on.”

In the autonomous region of madeira, has concluded a FLAME in addition, on the basis of various European studies, is that dairy products are in place, maintains a healthy and sustainable diet. “We can use the current zuivelinname, in general, be retained, they should be in a ratio a little less cheese and a little more milk, and yogurt. Dairy products are eliminated and replaced with alternatives that may not seem like much in terms of the environment and to provide sound to it.