the First hardness test is passed, the world Cup-journey added: 29 days before the start of the world Cup in the country of Germany, Handball-men have won the last game of the year against Poland clear with 35:23 (16:13). The spirited appearance on Wednesday evening in front of 4489 spectators in the sold-out Stadthalle Rostock Germany coach Christian Prokop brought important insights in the formation of his world Cup team. Matthias Musche with six goals and Tobias Reichmann, Hendrik Pekeler, Steffen Fäth and Marcel Schiller (all 4) were the best on the German side.

Prokop announced that “to want a bit the world Cup Feeling” spread. This was achieved especially after the break. In the first half, the German defense had some holes. After the break, the home side coped better. Prokop moved frequently, in order to test tactical variants and blocks. Including the flow of the game suffered sometimes.

The poles, who are not qualified for the world Cup, were a stubborn rival. If the countries had kept the findings for the national coach in borders in the months before, with Kant victories against Japan, Israel and Kosovo. “They were all no test that can show us would be where we are, with a view to the world Cup,” said the doorkeeper, Andreas Wolff.