The Biden administration invited Taiwanese to its Summit for Democracy next year

According to a report, a top Chineseofficial stated Thursday that the U.S. shouldn’t have “any illusions” regarding Taiwan and reiterated that Beijing would not compromise on this issue.

Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry, gave a briefing to the media and accused the U.S. of saying “a lot irresponsible” things about the matter, Reuters reported.

Beijing has upset its Western neighbors and governments by being more assertive in its foreign and military policies. After a civil war, Taiwan and the mainland are now governed separately.

After the State Department had announced that it would invite Taiwan to its Summit for Democracy next year, the Biden administration was condemned by China.

According to the Associated Press, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “What the U.S. did proved that the so-called democracy Summit is just a pretext” and a tool for it pursue geopolitical objectives, suppress other countries and divide the world, serve itself and maintain its hegemony.”