At the autumn auctions of Grisebach in Berlin, the Centerless came under the “Selected works”, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s “Three Nudes in the forest” from 1912, on the lower estimate of 1, 2Millionen Euro (up 1.5 million); the buyer’s premium, the painting now for 1,465 million euros in a Spanish private collection. Erich of his paintings made flower picture “blue Iris” from the year 1908, the one were dare to 1.5 million euros, however was left. This is the fate of Otto Mueller’s “Three bathers, and reddish-brown trees” (estimate of 700,000/ 900,000 Euro), such as Paula Modersohn-Becker oil Painting on cardboard, “Three children on a hillside, sitting with dog and horse” of 1901 (200.000/300.000) or Alexej von Jawlensky’s “Prerow (darss), Pomerania” (300.000/ 400.000). For Emil Nolde’s succeeded fast-paced “sailing boat” of 1910 in at least 390.000 Euro (400.000/600.000) and the handsome “young man with head scarf” by Karl Hofer from the year 1924 at 310.000 euros (250.000/ 350.000).

The German impressionism and was able to activate his lover: For Lesser URY’s Berlin “high station, the bülow street at night” approved a South German private collection, 360.000 euros (250.000/ 350.000), and Lovis Corinth’s “lilacs in the chalice glass” of 1923 confirmed with 350,000 euros its lower estimate (up to 450,000). Visual appeal, or a big Name alone helped, but not reliably, so Max Beckmann were to use watercolour on Velin “Lying” (to 250,000/ 350,000) and “woodcutter” to courses in watercolor on handmade paper (of 250,000/350,000 of them) are also sensitive. A total of fourteen out of the fifty selected Lots remained unsold.

After the auctions of the collection of Bernd Schultz (F. A. Z. of 3.November), the art of the 19th century.Century and the photography were the usual, the classic sections in it. In the case of the Modern nearly 270 positions, the maximum Los, managed, assessed, Gabriele Münters something rigid “Lauensteiner country” of 1927, the lower margin of EUR 100,000 (up to 150,000). Outliers to the top. In a Suite of 35 Beckmann graphics, the “self-portrait with stylus” and the “self-portrait with a stiff hat confirmed” their taxes with 18,000 and 60,000 euros. Self-portrait in brown at the window “from 1947 with 20,000 euros (15.000/20.000), this will not happen in the case of Lotte laser stone”; her young “landowner’s son” from 1934 came to 11,500 Euro (15.000/20.000).

The 150 Lots, the contemporaries had to dispense with the positive Performance of Gerhard Richter’s small, not really exciting oil Painting on masonite “IV 1978 study for an abstract image” of 1978 (250.000/350.000). It brought Isa Genzken’s reflective of the “Social facade” from 2002 to 72,000 euros (40.000/60.000) and Tom Wesselmann’s aluminum-Relief “Still Life with Made in Japan pitchers” to 270.000 Euro (180.000/ 240.000). A copy of the small bronze “miner’s lamp” by Joseph Beuys demanded 80,000 Euro (80.000/10.0000), and Niki de Saint Phalle found for your foolhardy “Shoot-it-yourself-picture” of 1964, a Fan who started strong 42.000 Euro (15.000/20.000).

was enjoyed by The lower overall estimate of Modern and time, for 1055 Lots, on 14.5 million euros. The sales of the three auction days, amounts to 14.3 million euros, because the decline is reflected. In total, including the early events that brought the fall for Grisebach, with a turnover of 22.5 million Euro.