Chaos at Gatwick airport: the First aircraft to start up again after drone-noise action


    After a extensive still go for a large-scale drone-noise action at the London Gatwick airport there is again movement in the air traffic. “The runway in Gatwick is currently open, and a limited number of flights are scheduled for departure and landing, said the Airport on Friday morning on its website. However, passengers should check the Status of your flight before they made their way to the airport, it said. It will continue to come to delays or cancellations of flights. Easyjet wrote on his website, to want to fly.

    The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair had announced shortly before that, all originally for Gatwick scheduled flights instead from London’s Stansted airport to start or land there. The customer had been informed, said Ryanair on its website.

    “A precisely planned activity”

    drone flights had laid as of Wednesday evening, the UK’s second largest airport, largely lame. Since then was in Gatwick, apart from a three-quarter hour break, not one more plane landed or launched. Incoming machines had to be diverted and in part hundreds of kilometres away, and Airports such as Amsterdam and Paris. Tens of thousands of passengers stranded. Despite the use of the army and the police were seen on Thursday evening, flying robots on the runway, so the takeoff and landing ban until Further notice remains in force.

    “This is a precision-planned activity that was designed, the airport paralyze and bring maximum disabilities in the run-up to Christmas,” said Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate. On Thursday, 115,000 of travelers were affected, for Friday, a further 126,000 people in Gatwick. In order to defuse the chaotic situation, should bans on Night flights to other airports will be temporarily repealed.