CDU politician warns: America as a world power, replaceable


    The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), has expressed concern about the foreign policy of the United States, under President Donald Trump. The country was not power as the world order, “replaceable”, said Röttgen on Thursday evening in an Interview with the ARD”issues of the day”. The task of this role by America, the world will be “uncertain, unstable, and selfish. This is the sad truth.“

    In the case of a troops visit on Wednesday night in Iraq, Trump said the United States could not “continue to be the world’s policeman”.

    Röttgen said, “the world’s policeman” for the outdated category. It is, rather, “world order, stability, balance diplomacy”. For this, America would have stood. Trump wanted to say goodbye to this role, but unfortunately, “without that, there is a replacement for it”. China and Russia would encounter in the gap, “but not in the sense of a policeman’s role,” said Röttgen. The world would be “unsafe, unstable, and selfish”.

    Röttgen for higher military spending

    He joined the claim of the American government that Germany should take on more financial burdens. “We have pent-up demand.” Otherwise, didn’t Germany have the right to criticize the United States for their diminished world of political commitment.