You may not know it, but you are entitled to an Ircantec pension. The retirement of non-permanent civil servants can be affected even if you have only worked a few months in a hospital, a municipal holiday center or a town hall. Pensions, which are often low, can be affected all at once. This should not be overlooked, because according to the Caisse des dépôts, this type of request concerns half of the pension requests each year.

However, there are still 35% of requests that are not honored. But the Caisse des dépôts optimistically points out that “the rate of non-use of Ircantec’s rights has decreased with the creation of the single pension application since, by default, all the plans to which the affiliate has contributed are selected . They are therefore recipients of the request unless the affiliate voluntarily unchecks them”.

But to catch up, the fund launched an Ircantec affiliate course last July. It is accessible via the My public retirement platform of Caisse des Dépôts for a specific service for those who have contributed little, i.e. less than 300 points. To receive your missing pension all at once, you must first connect to the portal of your pension fund or to, which includes all the plans. Thus, you will be informed of the opening of your rights to Ircantec.

Once this process has been completed and validated by Ircantec, you will receive information on access to the affiliated course. “Thus we want to further reduce the rate of non-recourse by targeting affiliates who do not respond to our requests by mail following their single request for retirement”, explained the Caisse des dépôts to Capital. By visiting the site, you may be asked for your updated career statement. This is the summary of your career which must be as recent as possible.

Once your file is completed and verified, you will be informed of the amount to which you are entitled. Your pension will then be paid to you in one go if it is a small amount: “The time between sending the request and calculating the rights is only a few minutes if all the controls are green” , specifies the Caisse des dépôts. Payment will be made the month following the chosen retirement date.