Canadian ballet in Hessen: Softly falls the snow


    In the Background the large stage of the state theatre Darmstadt snow falls and transferred instantly in the Christmas mood. Prior to that, the dancers from the canadian Ballet BC over the stage, now presented, on the invitation of the Hessian state ballet of a three-part evening there, gliding silently. Founded in 1986, the company with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, not only with the care of a canadian and international dance repertoire of a name, but also with world premieres by contemporary choreographers including William Forsythe, Jacopo Godani.

    Sweeping movements of the arms, elegant jumps, and easy-sounding fixes give already with the first choreography “Solo Echo” by Crystal Pite, the dancers ‘ virtuosity, the white runs through the whole evening, and to inspire. Pites choreography is varied, it combines up-tempo elements and still images, duets and group scenes in a way that generates tension. The Narrative, which she opened, however, are often pathetic and the kitschy combination of effects to play fully illuminated snow and Brahms-sonatas for Cello and piano.

    Completely different in the second part, is a choreography of the artistic Director of Ballet BC, Emily Molnar, has developed in collaboration with the Ensemble. “To This Day” is heard only the music of Jimi Hendrix, and yet it is not a portrait of the rock legend. Without the ballet dance completely fall out, the Gestures and poses of rock stars as well as the Fans and concert-goers to discover.

    Ironic handle in the cliché box

    The stage is filled with fog, the visible lights are part of the stage image, and similar to illumination of large concert stages, even if you have no colors. The plug in the costumes of the dancers, and some of the unison danced sections remind these Popästhetik almost of the music videos. Together with a contemporary ballet language and intentional breaks in the dance this is an interesting contrast.

    “Petite Cérémonie” is the title of the third choreography of the Evening, and a humorous work of the Frenchman Medhi Walerski. The 15 dancers, such as for a Ball in evening wear dressed up, to enter the stage, line up and go into a small, uniform step. In a strictly timed and precisely executed choreography led the way with some of the bonds in the case of show dances, which is mostly danced by the whole group in unison.