Rapper Drake is the streaming king, Bianca Classen of Bibis Beauty Palace shows off her baby belly and under #MeTwo tweet many people of their experiences with everyday racism. What is the network world moving. An Overview:

K-POP : The South Korean boy band BTS is unlikely to stop: On Twitter, you posted the most popular Tweet of the year. A short Clip from the July in which a band member is dancing on the street, and one on the side of a moving car is filmed, has been nearly 1.7 million Times liked. In August, BTS broke a record on YouTube, the Video for the new Single “Idol” was retrieved within the first 24 hours of 45 million Times. New record-holder is since the beginning of December Ariana Grande.

BIBI’s BABY bliss : Who thought YouTuberin Bianca Classen of Bibis Beauty Palace is now out, was wrong. Together with her boyfriend (and current husband), Julian published in may, a

#METWO : #MeToo million for 2017, millions of women in the network on sexual abuse to the attention of. This year, the Hashtag #MeTwo, with the thousands of people on Twitter shared their experiences with everyday racism. To life is the buzz word of the author and activist Ali Can on the occasion of the racism debate after the resignation of Mesut Özil from the national football team was created. But why “MeTwo” – “I Two”? “Because I’m more than just an identity. In Germany, I feel at home (…) and at the same time I can feel connected to another culture or another country,” said Can in a Video of online magazine “Perspective Daily”.

#MOVEMENTS : a Political and social Protest will be happy to provide a concise Hashtag, regardless of whether the movement in the net or on the street. #MeToo made it before 2017 successfully, as hundreds of thousands of women on – and offline sexual abuse. This year, numerous people put a mark against the Right, whether on the #weare more-a concert in Chemnitz, the #Indivisible-Demo in Berlin, or with the respective Hashtags on the Internet. And, after repeated school massacres in the United States a mass movement fighting back against gun violence. With Demos in front of the Capitol in Washington or #MarchForOurLives in the network.

#WM2018 : For the German football national team the world Cup in Russia was a Disaster. Before the starting whistle of the DFB from the thought of the ultra-modern Motto for the team: #ZSMMN (Together) caused a lot of ridicule and mockery. But it came still worse: The Team of Jogi Löw failed crashing in the preliminary round and flew early from a world Cup. Throughout the tournament the team came in a victory against Sweden (2:1). The cut game is at least the second most successful Non-music Video of the year at YouTube (after Bibi’s baby belly).

DRAKE IS STREAMING KING : The canadian Rapper Drake was the most streamed musician in 2018. Both market leader Spotify, as well as the number two Apple Music, the 32-Year-old delivered with his work, “Scorpion” is the most successful Album of the year. The most-streamed Song in two providers with “God’s Plan” also Drake. In the case of Spotify, the title, for example, achieved more than 1.1 billion views. Drake was already 2015 and 2016, the most popular artists at the Swedish platform. In the past year, Ed Sheeran has landed the world number one.

instagra mibility : The term made in this year round. He stands for places that are ideal for photos on social media such as Instagram. Because even in the most remote corners of the world today one should not be missing: the staged snapshot that adorns it later your profile. Many Younger people are looking for travel destinations first of all. For the regions has not only positive consequences of traffic jams, mountains of garbage, annoyed residents. And some of an Indonesian temple, which was previously unknown, to besiege the tourists today, even before sunrise.