Before the coming week, scheduled Brexit vote in the British Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II urges to resolve all disputes amicably. On “the search for new answers in the modern era” prefer “to talk tried and tested recipes”: well, one above the other, to respect different points of view, commonalities “and to never lose the bigger picture from the eye”. The 92-year-old monarch took the word “Brexit” in the mouth. British media interpreted their speech, nevertheless, as a clear message to policy-makers. The “Times” headlines: “Queen of the war, leading politicians: Stop the Brexit-feud.”

your Intervention was 64 days before the date public in the UK is probably the European Union will leave. So far, there is no regulated Plan. The proposal of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, was rejected last week by the lower house with a clear majority. At the beginning of this week, May presented in Parliament a “Plan B”, the difference is, however, only marginally different from your original Plan.

The Northern Ireland party, the DUP is, meanwhile, according to a report in the newspaper “The Sun” is ready to support under certain conditions, the Brexit plans of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. In the next week, provided Parliament’s vote, the DUP will vote with “Yes”, if there is a clear time limit for the catch-all solution, which should prevent a hard border between Ireland and the UK. Mays minority government dependent on the support of the DUP. The EU had repeatedly rejected a limitation of the so-called “Backstop”.