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Final victory for the Elan 37 of Ramón Ojea based on the Club Maritimo Canido vigo, “Bosch Service Solutions”, which featured the ourensano Alejandro Perez Canal to the reed, and the la coruña Chuny Bermúdez de Castro as a tactician in the Regatta Sea of Maeloc Rías Altas, which was completed in La Coruna this Sunday.

A race in-line between the port of Cedeira and La Coruña in the line of some 28 miles, this was the fourth and last stage for the vice dean of the races in galicia, organised by the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña since the distant year of 1974.

north Winds of 8 knots on the outside of the estuary of Cedeira, which indicated that be would be a quick navigation, because the sea was only a little curly, and the direction of the wind was a carbon copy of the route to the city herculina. Shortly after the start, which oddly enough turned out to be puntualísima… for the fourth consecutive day, the wind made gestures of correction with come crashing down… but it was a simple attempt, because along the almost 30 miles was in general franco, which resulted in a decrease very quickly until the point that the head of the race than the good average of seven knots.

In the group of larger length won for the first time the “Lambaix” with Antonio Rivers to the shaft of the Club Náutico de Sada (also won in real time with a time 03.59.16). After the beautiful Sun Fast 3600, stood the one who had started this “Rias” of leader… the “Bodegas Benito Santos” skippered by Jorge Etcheverría, being the third in discord, the Hanse 400 “Eleko-Mambo” by Carlos Sampedro Curbera. With this final victory in the class 0-1 was for the J108 “vintner” standard-bearer in the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña.

In the class 2-3, where competed three boats stronger, which ultimately were the ones who occupied the podium places, both of his class as the general. First partial victory of the “Alma do Mar”, which came out of a spectacular way in Cedeira, standing at the head of his group. The boat is armed by Nito Enriquez with Gonzalo Araújo of the strong man of his crew, exceeded by only a minute offset to “Bosch” and “Cheek”… and a fact unprecedented: the two boats are equal on corrected time.

in addition to the boat Ramón Ojea, who also was with the general, leaving both “Cheek” as “Alma do Mar” very well prepared ” … well, Fran Edreira took a creditable second place absolute and Nito Enriquez third.

In the class 4, the fight for first place was always between Henry Vilariño with “Mascato” and ”3D Printing Atlantic” by William White… in the end took the cat to the water, the latter to win in the category in the fourth stage. The third place was for the ferrolano “Golfiño” Joseph Naya.

By the way, the “Mascato” is the legendary “Ardora” that long ago was the best boat of the galician fleet… winning four times the Count of Gondomar in a row in Baiona, as well as obtain the national title of cruises to impose on your day in Barcelona at the legendary Trofeo Conde de Godó. After many travels, Vilariño acquired this historic Contention-33 which is still a boat very competitive.

Victory because of the “homegrown” of the “Bosch”, a very hard-fought victory: two first places, a second and a third, have been enough to Ramón Ojea returned to etch his name in the historical Regata Rías Altas, today immersed in the Sea of Maeloc… the prize is a beautiful Tower of Hercules in silver, made by hand by great goldsmiths gallegos. The rest of the awards, in line with the sustainability criteria of Maeloc… because the trophies have been manufactured with recycled materials, or recovered, well aluminum beverage cans, either in regard to the timber of the pallets employed in the stores of the Cider Maeloc… and the truth have been spectacular and have called the attention of the sailors.

After the Rías Altas, comes the Trophy Finisterre Mar de Maeloc… will be next Friday starting at five in the afternoon, with 120 miles of travel and destination, the Marina of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo.

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