Patrick Fiori: his unknown link with Dalida


Patrick Fiori is undeniably a star of French song. But before reaching this star status, the Corsican-born singer has come a long way. In 1986, Patrick Fiori, aged 16 at the time, left the Isle of Beauty to try his luck in Paris with the aim of gaining recognition as a singer.

The young artist, accompanied by his father, participated in several singing competitions. He participates in particular in a telecrochet entitled Les habits du dimanche, hosted by Léon Zitrone. Patrick Fiori has remained in first place for seven consecutive weeks. A first television experience which allowed him to do the first part of several famous artists including Gilbert Montagné, Michèle Torr or Barry White, but also to make an important meeting. Indeed, the young Patrick Fiori had the opportunity to meet Dalida, godmother of the TF1 show.

“She received us in her dressing room my dad and I. We attended a temple of humility […] This lady was gentle, delicate, extremely kind,” said Patrick Fiori to Isabelle Morizet in her show There is no life in life, broadcast on March 6, 2021, on Europe 1. He then explains that the legendary interpreter of “Let me dance” gave him lots of career advice.

Patrick Fiori made a point of telling a valuable piece of advice that Dalida passed on to him. “What I retained […] It is ‘never give up anything, keep this conviction, this desire to sing and do good to people. You will see that one day it will pay’… I believe that she was right”, remembered the coach of The Voice. A few months after this beautiful meeting, on May 3, 1987, Dalida decided to end her life in her Parisian apartment, by ingesting a strong dose of sleeping pills and a glass of whiskey. She was 54 years old.