Fans who come to watch the duel between the Alouettes and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday night will have to be patient.

The game, scheduled for 7:00 p.m., did not start on time due to lightning that fell on Montreal in the early evening.

At 7:40 p.m., the Canadian League announced an 8:40 p.m. start, but the situation is obviously hard to predict. At 8:10 p.m., players from both teams took to the pitch for the warm-up; if there are no other flashes, the new schedule should be respected.

Players will be allowed a 30-minute warm-up. Attempts will then be made to speed up the proceedings; the national anthem will not be sung and halftime will be cut short.

Environment Canada announces an 80% chance of showers or thunderstorms for the evening.

The Canadian League provides that if there is lightning within 10 km of a stadium, “the game supervisor will automatically stop the game.”