Bill Clinton will be in hospital overnight while he heals from a urinary infection. A spokesman for Bill Clinton said that he is doing well and in good spirits.

Angel Urena, Angel’s spokesperson, stated in a statement that “all health indicators are trending towards the right direction”, including his white blood count, which has declined significantly.”

Urena stated that Clinton, who is 75, will be staying at the University of California Irvine Medical Center over night to receive additional intravenous antibiotics.

The statement stated that President Clinton is in good spirits and was deeply grateful for the extraordinary care he received and the well wishes he received from people all over America and around the globe.

A former aide to President Clinton said Clinton was being treated in the intensive care section of the hospital but not ICU care.

According to the aide who spoke with reporters at the hospital, Clinton was admitted to the ICU because of a urological infection. He did not give any details. According to him, Clinton was suffering from a urological condition that had spread to his bloodstream. However, he is now well and has not entered septic shock. This could be life-threatening.

According to an aide, Clinton was well-behaved and was juggling books while watching television coverage of his hospitalization. Hillary Clinton was present with him at the hospital, but not his daughter Chelsea Clinton. His release date was not known at this time.

During remarks at the University of Connecticut, President Joe Biden stated Friday that he had spoken with Clinton and that the former president “sends him his best.”

He said, “We’re all thinking of President Clinton today.” He’s always been the “comeback kid.”

Later, Biden informed reporters that Clinton was “not in any severe condition” and would be “getting out soon.”

Clinton was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night for an infection that Urena described as non-COVID-19-related.

The former president has had many health problems since leaving the White House in 2001. After suffering from prolonged chest pains, shortness of breath and shortness-of-breath in 2004, he had quadruple bypass surgery. In 2005, he was admitted to the hospital with a partially collapsed lung. He had two stents placed in his coronary artery in 2010.

He decided to adopt a largely vegetarian diet, which helped him lose weight and improve his health.

He returned repeatedly to the campaign trail, supporting Democratic candidates, most notably his wife Hillary Clinton, in her unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid. In 2016, when Hillary Clinton was seeking the White House, Bill Clinton — then a grandfather and approaching 70 — returned to campaigning.

According to a spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation, the former president was visiting Los Angeles for private events that were related to his charitable organization. About 40 miles (64km) south of Los Angeles, the UCI Medical Center can be found in Orange County.