this may seem like a fairy tale, but it is a 22-year-old football fan has for the game of Football and a Manager with a position as a data analyst and decorated by the Serbian resembled FK Bezanija. The man must have been a virtual performance to the practice of its application.

Andrej Pavlovic, from Belgrade, is one of the a lot of active players in the popular Football Manager. In this simulation game puts you as a gamer into the shoes of a football manager to an existing or self-made team. Pavlovic has been appointed as the coach of the FK Bezanija, in a small club in Serbia’s second division.

At 16 years of age (or virtual) time and guided his team to 10 consecutive championship title and has won no less than 6 times in the Serbian cup. And that’s not all: Bezanija even reached the semi-finals of the Champions League after victories against the valves such as Manchester City, Tottenham and Bayern Munich. “I don’t want to brag, but I’m going to be a sort of legend in my Football Manager world”, said the young man, in an interview with the Sportbible.

the stadium of The FK Bezanija. Photo: Sportbible < / P> Dream comes true

In reality, it is going to be the last few years, much less to a good football team Bezanija. The former first division fell into the second division due to financial problems. Pavlovic provided a lot of fun with the expertise. “I was referring to my performance as a Football Manager, and asked for the club to help out. I had never, of course, a phone call is expected to be a proposal for a position as a data analyst.”

in the Meantime, Pavlovic, who has a degree in medical science at all times, to his first day of work as a data analyst for the leading team behind it. In the first match at home and won FK Bezanija with a 2-1 FK Dedinje. “I have made a brief analysis, with a focus on some of the interesting attack and defense stats.” Successfully, as it turned out, because of the clubbestuur will be the expertise of the young man is immediately applied to the beloftenploeg.

“If there was ever an opportunity, I would like to make a career as a paid scout, or a data-analyst in the world of football”, and before that the Serbian should be. “For the time being, I am not being paid by Bezanija. I am doing this mainly out of love for the club and the job in question.”

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