she was a head birth, and initially, certainly not a matter of the heart: a few years ago, it was clear that the battery-car, it is evident that there is no other way, the Motorsport Association FIA electrify and the formula E launched. As the first electric racing series in the world, you should make the mood for the Stromer, and at the same time, a new Form of car racing for a new audience, establish. Because hazards are not around courses somewhere in the middle of Nowhere. Because the cars make no noise and exhaust emissions, are discharged, the comparatively short races right in the middle of cities such as New York, Rome or Berlin. And the viewers get not only more entertainment, but about the “Fan Boost” in a certain way to even have an effect on the outcome of the race.

However, the spark did not ignite so far so right, it was the audience success in the first four seasons. But at the first of 13 race of the new season in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia next Saturday the cards will be shuffled anew, and the voltage increases. Finally, there is not only a new car and new rules, but also a number of new Teams: Now, where you get on the road so slowly, their electric cars rolling, always want to give more and more manufacturers are also on the track power.

Jaguar for two years, and has placed his I-Pace even in a dedicated racing series in the state. Audi a rose on its stem tuner Abt in the previous season and won in the first year the team standings. This year, BMW goes to the Start, before 2019/2020 get even Porsche and Mercedes-Benz and more the German factory team to compete than in any other series. This Mercedes-Benz is already warm, and sends HWA Racelab from Affalterbach. And the Germans are not alone: From France DS and Venturi, from India, Mahindra, Japan’s Nissan and China Nio.


While Marketing to the advertising effect of the series to have a TV presence and emotions for the sober E-technology, hope the engineers on new knowledge for development. As has always been the Motorsport is always also a test field for new technologies. That is, when the electric machine is not unlike that of the burner.

are, However, limited the possibilities for the legions of developers who populate the race weekend, the pit lane, yet still relatively. Because dangers is with a single Chassis and identical batteries. Only the motors and the electronics behind it are allowed to develop, the Teams in the strict corset of the FIA regulations.


flow directly into the development Still around come the series more than the draw of formula 1, says BMW head of development Klaus Fröhlich and raves of a kind of cycle that generated this “perfect experimental laboratory for production development”: “The drivetrain of the Race car can benefit from our experience from the series. At the same time, the findings from the FormelE flow back directly into the development of future series of drives,“ says Cheerful.