For the first weekend of June punctuated by Nuit Blanche and Mother’s Day, temperatures are on the rise. Indeed, Météo-France and La Chaîne Météo agree that the majority of French territory will be under the sun this weekend. Discover in our slideshow below the departments affected by these summer temperatures.

“On the sky side, the configuration will remain identical to that of this week with summer weather in the north and more electric in the south”, announces the editorial staff of La Chaîne Météo. This situation is explained by the presence of a British anticyclone which creates a period of dry and sunny weather. The latter will extend until the end of the weekend in the north of France. However, this is not the case for the south of the country.

If the south of France is once again marked by the presence of thunderstorms, two thirds of the country will be under clear skies. Indeed, “Saturday, the weather will be fine on the northern 2/3 with a generous sun, a still this northeast wind still present along the coasts of the Channel and the North Sea”, specifies the editorial staff of the Weather Channel. Temperatures will be between 23 and 27°C. “We will be between 3°C above normal for the min and 7°C for the max” in the afternoon.

For Sunday, the stormy showers could go up to the regions of central France. Nevertheless, good weather should still be present in the rest of the territory. “We expect 11 to 17°C in the morning and 22 to 26°C in the afternoon, slightly lower values ​​due to the multiplication of showers and clouds”, ends up concluding the editorial staff of La Chaîne Météo . Consult our slideshow below to find out if it will be over 25°C in your department.