Armed forces-Admiral Krause: An Anti-Habeck in Uniform


German politicians and high-ranking Bundeswehr officers with a view to your requirements is usually to have little in common; except that both are to serve our country. Particularly strong are the differences between them on Twitter revealed. For one thing, a presence in the short messages has become a service now as good as mandatory. The others are there only for pleasure, or to avoid him entirely – as an infantryman in the fist fight with a heavy battle tank. That with the Green-Chairman Robert Habeck is a top-of-the politician broke that rule, and his retreat from Twitter has announced that there is no longer the lower temptations of polemic, malice, and false statements to a standstill, is well known.

Lorenz Hemicker

editor in the policy

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From the Public was perceived, however, that with Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, one of the highest-ranking Bundeswehr officers has now surfaced on Twitter, and thus, so to speak, the Anti-Habeck. The role of icebreaker, the marine inspector took more true. After the end of the Lebanon war in 2006, Krause built as the first commander of the maritime component of the United Nations interim force in Lebanon (Unifil).

he achieved fame in the early, difficult days at that time, with his demonstrative Calmness in the face of aggressive flight maneuvers, Israeli combat aircraft against German units. Helped him may have as his many years of experience in the German U-boat flotilla. His time as a commander he had on Board, during the last years of the East-West conflict. In addition, Krause is also Habeck from Lübeck, which was then the inner German border and thus is a quasi-front city.

After his time in Unifil, and as the commander of the use of flotilla 1, in charge of Krause, the Ministry of defence once again with a pioneering task. In Kiel it was, to him, the Nato-center of expertise for operations in marginal seas and coastal waters. Since 2016 Krause is now at the top of the smallest of the German armed force, which has shrunk in the past reforms and to suffer from the structural problems of the Bundeswehr of the next generation of problems to the disastrous readiness of many weapons systems.

there is No place for boring bureaucratic language

attention in the past year, especially the fact that in the meantime not a single U-boat to the lake could drive as well as the fact that with the former commander of the 2. Frigate burst squadron a quite high in the hierarchy of naval officer standing in his farewell speech in Wilhelmshaven, in view of the current position of the collar.