Have the large retailers really lowered their prices as expected? To fight against soaring prices, supermarkets have pledged to help consumers. A majority of the brands frequented by the French have indeed played the game, while others have preferred to kick in touch. As the association 60 million consumers reveals, there is a significant difference in the price of anti-inflation baskets.

In the radius of the dunces, the association pins Super U, which took advantage of the good announcements to increase the prices of its basket by more than 3%. The brand justifies this practice by the promise of selling its products at cost prices. Indeed, the brand of the Système U group had started its promotional campaign at the beginning of February. And if the basket has increased, it is because the cost price has increased for most items.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire asked, on Monday June 5, agrifood manufacturers to speed up negotiations to lower prices, while congratulating distributors for having extended the “anti-inflation quarter” operation. ” until the end of the year. “They all agreed to extend until the end of 2023 the anti-inflation quarter operation which was to end on June 15,” he rejoiced on France 5.

Furthermore, negotiations with industrialists “are not going fast enough” according to the Minister, who also adds that “certain industrialists, certain large industrial multinationals are playing for time”, while recalling that the 75 largest industrialists in agro-alimentary have undertaken to reopen trade negotiations with distributors.

Discover now in our slideshow below, the 7 brands which, according to 60 million consumers, have kept their promises, by lowering the price of their anti-inflation basket.