On April 17, 2023, Emmanuel Macron spoke on the JT of TF1 and France 2 live from the Elysée. This was his first speech since the promulgation of the pension reform on April 14. He then returned to the decision of the Constitutional Council which validated the main part of the text. He reaffirmed the need for this reform. But once again, Emmanuel Macron seemed to deny the anger of the French.

To turn the page, the president presented the “100 days of appeasement and action”. The objective is therefore to establish a timetable for the coming months and to follow up on the other reforms planned by the executive. Elisabeth Borne was then responsible for presenting the schedule in detail for this program. Check out our slideshow below for key dates in the coming months.

During his speech, Emmanuel Macron therefore explained that this calendar focused on three main axes. These “constitute the government’s roadmap that the Prime Minister will detail next week”, he announced. Elisabeth Borne then spoke on April 26 at the Council of Ministers, then at a press conference. The objective was to “accelerate the implementation of the commitments of the President of the Republic”, as Capital reported.

Among the priorities of the government for the next three months, we find the full employment bill, the question of ecological transition, as well as the reform of public institutions. Several bills will be presented to the Council of Ministers in the next three months to allow the examination of the measures from the summer of 2023. Discover in our slideshow below the schedule of the executive for the next few months.