Pollen is the mobile male element produced by the flower. Different types of pollen exist. The most allergenic are, among others, pollen from birch, alder, hornbeam, hazel, chestnut, oak, cypress, and ash. Birch pollen is the most present in France at the moment. Today at 25%, the rate of French people who are allergic to it continues to climb.

If you feel a few small inconveniences, tingling, or other, you may be allergic to pollen without knowing it. Symptoms can range from a runny nose to worsening asthma for people who already have this condition. We also notice sneezing, coughing, loss of smell, red eyes, or even hives and eczema.

The arrival of sunny days also heralds the return of pollen and its allergies. With a pollen season that will last until September, France is strongly affected.

According to the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network, half of France is on pollen red alert. Indeed, 69 departments have a very high risk of allergies. The other half being on yellow alert.

If you are one of the 25% of people allergic to pollen and you are looking for some simple and effective tips to calm your allergy attacks, you can directly find our list of tips in our slideshow below.