After the Brexit – the EU and the British new SchwungDie EU and the UK do not want to move forward with the planned partnership agreement.
In the case of a top-level meeting have assured the two sides to intensify the talks now.Stephan Israel from Brüssel0 comment Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel.Photo: Keystone

A breakthrough it was at the top of the conversation. The had, however, expected in advance of the video conference between London and Brussels, no one. Too low in the hopes that it will work with an agreement on a partnership agreement between the UK and the EU before the end of the year are. After all, both sides were agreed that you want to try it again. For the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the EU-top, it went first of all to take stock of the situation. Since the launch in March, the negotiator, Michel Barnier, and David Frost have scored in four of negotiations little progress.

between the balance-sobering

The interim balance sheet had to be sobering. It was agreed that “a new impetus is necessary”, it is said, in a statement. Instead of diverging Statements so at least a joint communication, which was, however, very skinny. At least for public debt, both sides want to avoid allocations.

On the side of the EU participated along with Commission, head of Ursula von der Leyen, also President of the Council, Charles Michel, and the President of the Parliament, David Sassoli. The Trio wanted to signal to unity. A Deal must match at the end of not only the EU Commission but also the member States and the EU Parliament. The EU leaders took note that Johnson does not want to use the option to prolong the transitional phase and to give the negotiations on the future partnership more time. The UK is at 31. January out while coming out of the EU, but during the transitional period until the end of the year, part of the internal market and the customs Union. If both sides will not agree to a new partnership, threatening a hard break with tariffs and other trade barriers.

No extension

Theoretically, could extend Johnson the transitional phase of one to two years, and the European partners would not have been as cross. But London had already signaled before the video conference, that the UK wanted to be by the end of the year, an independent trading nation, no matter what happens in the negotiations with Brussels. The EU Trio is doing a good face on a bad game: “The EU is ready to intensify the talks, we are ready around the clock,” wrote Ursula von der Leyen, using the short message service Twitter.

in fact, the negotiations are now until the end of July in the weekly rhythm will take place. Boris Johnson holds an agreement until the end of summer for possible. For the time being, the negotiations have to take place but still by video link, which makes it easier. The barriers are already high. The EU offers the UK a comprehensive trade agreement, with access to the EU market without customs and quantity limits, but calls for equal conditions of competition with high Social, environmental and consumer standards.

The British want, if possible, barriers free access to the single market, but no requirements from Brussels. There and in the capitals of the member States, the concern is that the British tax dumping and low social standards could undermine the single market. Major points of dispute, the future access for EU fishermen to put to thebritish people coastal waters and the role of the European court of justice in case of disputes, for example in the use of police databases, on the London, will continue to have access to.

ratification in the autumn

The time is short, because a partnership agreement would need to be ratified before the end of the year in the member States and in the EU Parliament, too. And is there a Plan B? There is talk of a hull agreement, in which only the most important issues would be regulated. But that would be for both sides expensive, larger faults and not without consequences for supply chains to remain.

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