Analysis Macrons television speech – A President who is committed only to the winner, Emmanuel Macron, the “Black Lives Matter”-protesters advanced to the vicinity of fanatics. This is typically ignored for the French head of state, the Young, and migrants to a large extent. Nadia Pantel from Paris0 comment just for the young in France, his speech was a disappointment: The French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday in his televised address. Photo: Reuters

He had to reinvent themselves, said the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, for the second Time. This may sound like a cliché, but it describes a political state of emergency. The 42-Year-old began his tenure as an Optimist and a facilitator. He promised new jobs and more investment. Both, he began to redeem. But two months Corona-standstill, nothing of this recovery left. What remains, now that the public life is coming again, the feeling of sliding into the worst economic crisis of the post-war period, and the with a President at the top, whose interest was so far to the winners, not the losers.

As Macron imagines social life, remains vague. His famous Mantra of “en même temps”, the interlocking weaving of the left and right positions and, in addition, in practice, often on a “times, times”. He strengthened on the one hand, individual freedoms, for example in reproductive medicine, on the other hand, he restricted the rights of migrants.

especially the Old and Conservative are important to him

But what is to keep the Republic together, as he wants to secure social peace? “We cannot build our future in the Chaos,” he said on Sunday. It was only a small digression, in which he referred to the protests against police violence and racism in France. However, with a few sentences he made clear who is to him, with a view to the presidential election in 2022 is really important: the Old and the Conservative.

You have demanded of the youth by the output limitations of a lot, said Macron. He said first and foremost, the solidarity of the young, the abandoned short-term training in and Out of, the long-term economic security, to protect the health of the Old. However, surveys show that young French people is a little more important than your family. They had to protect their grandparents, they wanted it. France is not a generation conflict, in which the young against the Old contact. Much more likely to uprisings of those who expect nothing more from the state threaten.

“Black Lives Matter”-protesters as fanatics

this is Precisely why it is wrong, that Macron moved to the demonstrations that show solidarity with the American movement “Black Lives Matter” on Sunday in the vicinity of fanatics. The necessary fight against racism was unacceptable, if he was going to taken over by “separatists,” said Macron, as this is already done. You will extinguish the “no names from history,” and “no statues to Unscrew,” said the President. So he gave all of those who see in the current protests an attack on France’s history, Yes, to the Republic. And he refuses to recognize the Chance of reconciliation, the in these protests.

the descendants of The immigrants from the colonies and the young Frenchman belonging to the groups in France that are accessible to politicians, the most difficult to. Now they go together on the road. They demand that non-white French people to be treated in the same way as the majority. This applies not only to racist police controls, but also on access to education and the labour market.

The boys can. with the trade unions is not of much use

It is significant that France’s youth can identify more with a movement of emancipation from the United States as with the marches of trade unions, the last Winter, through the cities attracted The old Left defended those who, with secured work in great conditions. The young French do not count, even less if they are the children of immigrants. And so they find their own battles. Macron is making a mistake if he disregards this politicization, as on Sunday, a flat rate as “Chaos”.

Since his tenure began quite differently. Emmanuel Macron was born in 1977, the first French President born after the Algeria war. Macron saw it as his strength. He wanted to make the darkest chapters of the history of the country, slavery, colonialism, torture in Algeria. All of the open wounds that can only heal, if they are visible. Macron has debates on the return drained the arts of Africa initiated. In commemoration of the end of the First world war, he inaugurated a monument to the soldiers from the colonies who were for France, their lives.

It sounds like the concern for the youth only empty talk is.

take The current protests seriously, could part of this reconciliation policy. To explain a possible threat to the Republic, on the other hand is dangerous. It strengthens those who tell the young Blacks and Muslims in the suburbs, the state’s interest already for you. And it sounds as if the concern for the youth only empty talk is. Macrons recent assurances that no one is allowed to rewrite history and that the police were ultimately beyond criticism, are soothing words for France’s pensioners.

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