This summer, the South of France suffered a particularly aggressive invasion of mosquitoes – a young woman of 20 even suffered 200 bites. If the episode seems to have passed according to a press release from EID-Méditerranée, dealing with mosquitoes and their bites is an unpleasant summer essential. Especially since we generally realize their misdeed once accomplished: the skin itches, and a red pimple has already hatched on the skin. Some tips exist to avoid aggravating the bite and injuring yourself.

The first action to avoid is probably the most tempting: scratching at the bite site. Asked by HuffPost, dermatologist and vice-president of the National Syndicate of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV) Marc Perrussel indicates that “when the person scratches, the risk is to cause an infection since apart from the fact that it itches , it causes sores which, in hot weather, can easily become infected.

It is also contraindicated to apply heat to the skin. According to Marc Perrussel, “Most of the time, what is not recommended is to put products that burn, caustic products that can cause the suppression of itching but which will above all have serious consequences. Some people, for example, will use alcohol at 90 degrees, which is totally inadvisable. In the US edition of HuffPost, dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo also warns people who have been bitten against heating or burning products: “It will increase redness, swelling, and itching.” Also, do not apply polysporin or other antibiotic ointments. They often cause allergic reactions and can make the bite worse instead of better. »