After allegations dealing with quotes and historical data, the Rhineland-Palatinate state government reviewed the planned tribute to the writer Robert Menasse with the Carl Zuckmayer medal. It talks with all Parties were ongoing, said this Friday, a spokeswoman for the state Chancellery in Mainz, Germany. “Due to the debate on the controversial Remarks made by the Austrian writer Robert Menasse we seek the conversation with the author and the members of the Commission, which had proposed him as a prize winner, to verify the facts of the case.”

CDU parliamentary leader Christian Baldauf asked, Menasse should not receive the Zuckmayer medal. Awarding the highest cultural award of the country for the 18. January – the anniversary of the death of the Rhine-Hessian poet.

In the case of the allegations it is according to media reports, the Menasse has been claimed that the first President of the Commission of the EU’s precursor European economic community, Walter Hallstein, in his inaugural speech in 1958, should have kept on the site of the former Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz, but what it should not have been the case.

by the end of 2017, a historian, menasseh alleged to have cited hall a in fact, the speech is wrong. At the time, Menasse responded to a report of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” with the Argument that a Poet other freedoms have in dealing with sources and citations as a scientist or a Journalist.