A Berlin taxi entrepreneur has gained before demBundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe a legal victory over the U.S. ride service provider Uber. Uber is involved in unfair competition, stated the judge, as the App “Uber Black” car, including the driver, can be ordered (Ref. no.: I ZR3/16). As a result, drivers and car rental companies, the vehicles in breach of the passenger transport act.

Hendrik Wieduwilt

editor of the economy in Berlin, is responsible for “law and taxes”.

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With the ruling, observers had expected him to defeat Uber went ahead before the European court of justice. The company must now hope for a political solution, if it is to offer driving services.

Uber offers in other countries a number of services. Drivers can offer rides on the “Uber Pop”, the interested parties via an App can book. In the case of “Uber Black” limousines with drivers. Both is illegal in Germany against the passenger transport act. Because the law provides that a rental car you must return after a journey in the Headquarters, unlike Taxis, the want to protect the legislature by this provision. Such a restriction is quite in conformity with European law, recently decided by the European court of justice.