Ladies a jump accident in the household – “daily show”presenter falls ausFranz Fischlin currently can’t get in front of the camera and so on. Apparently, he has hurt himself in an accident.0 comment can’t do its job at the moment: Franz Fischlin.

Instead of Franz Fischlin has moderated on Friday evening, Andrea Vetsch, the “daily show”-main edition. Apparently, Fischlin was injured in a household accident, as he is on Twitter – interestingly enough, using the Hashtag #most accidents happen imhaushalt – known. “I am confident that I am back fast healing, and at the Start,” wrote the 57-Year-old.

How hard and where Fischlin injured, has not given the price of the Moderator. Anyway, he will not be able to perform on Saturday in front of the camera; Cornelia Boesch will step in for him, as Fischlin wrote.

in Front of the camera together

worked for Boesch had to be a spontaneous replacement found: 2015 sports presenter Sascha Ruefer jumped to his fever-suffering colleague, as it was during the “daily show”-main edition black. Ruefer wanted to lead the broadcast actually more, but was whistled, apparently, back from the Director. Ruefer was transferred to the Boeschs failure directly to the sports and the “daily show” has been terminated early. The transmission pause has been bridged to “Meteo” with landscape images. In the evening, had reported Cornelia Bösch via Twitter.

Because Boesch was down longer, also had to step in Franz Fischlin for you. He had come back early from his holiday.


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