In mid-June, borders on go – No cancellations by foreign guests – the industry hofftDie the opening of the borders to the neighbouring countries for each of the tourism areas differently.Jon Mettler0 comment tourists from Europe spend their vacation in the Swiss mountain regions: This is the image you want to see in the tourism sector this summer.Photo: Peter Klaunzer / Keystone1 / 1

The Swiss tourism hopes that he can return with the the summer season to a new normality. Because in mid-June, the borders to the neighboring countries to rise again. Airlines such as Swiss and Edelweiss fly again and can bring foreign guests in Switzerland.

For the tourism industry, this would mean during the Corona-crisis another much-needed source of income. So far, the tourism experts believed that you need to bring, especially with the domestic visitors and the business up and Running again.

at all to spend your summer holidays in Switzerland? The important guests from Germany are still hesitating, such as a representative survey by the opinion research Institute Civey shows: More than two-thirds of the Germans or “rather not” indicate that you are planning to travel this summer abroad. Only 15.5% intend to spend “in any case,” their summer holidays within Europe.

Far less clear the signals received by the different sectors within the tourism since the Federal Council’s announcement of the opening of the borders are: the managers of the tourism festival areas, that the foreign guests to wait with cancellations of their bookings.

“The foreign guests expect that you can spend with us in the summer holidays.”

André Wavy, head of marketing of the Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG

“This shows that the guests expect that you can spend with us in the summer of their vacation,” says André Wavy, head of marketing of the Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG. “The hits on our Websites also suggest that the demand for tourist services is gradually sought after.”

On the Internet alone, the tourism sector does not rely in the Bernese Oberland, but. As Tamedia and white, was the Director Marc Ungerer in may in Hamburg on the way to the return of the North to prepare for the German guests.

Confidence prevails also in the Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG. “We have received from some of the Hoteliers and vacation suppliers in a very positive feedback regarding the pre-booking status for the summer,” says brand boss Marijana Jakic, but without giving any specific Numbers.

more Pessimistic, however, is the hospitality industry. “We expect that the guests from the remote markets, the biggest will stay away this summer, in part”, as stated by the umbrella Association Hotelleriesuisse. Foreign guests in Switzerland for 45 of 100 Nights. Their main countries of origin are Germany, the USA and the UK.

on Friday study presented at the Credit Suisse comes to the conclusion that-including the cities of hotels in Zurich, Basel and Geneva are suffering. Better prospects have areas in contrast, the Hotels in the mountain, which, according to the CS investigation since the popular destinations were the Locals.

The hotel industry as the backbone of the tourism generates an annual turnover of 8.1 billion Swiss francs and employs over 63’000 full-time employees. Hotellerie Suisse is set to launch in June a survey for the members to learn more about the booking behaviour of the guests for the summer season.

travel agencies expect a lull in the summer

Also worry about the travel agencies that you this summer, fall is the important holiday season, literally, into the water. The reason: The Mediterranean from France and Italy alone is not enough to get the business going again.

in countries like Spain and Greece would have to loosen their dissuasive entry restrictions. Greece and Spain require currently from entering the country to foreigners, that they go into quarantine.

“If the Swiss stay in the summer home, strongly depends on the opening of the borders,” said Walter Kunz, managing Director of the Swiss travel Association. “Traveling to neighboring countries you are going to do only a few.”

He expected, therefore, that the travel agents this summer would generate season “not exceeding” 20 percent of the sales volume by 2019. Kunz: “The Swiss have to deal again with the topic of travel, the travel agencies should benefit thereof, but only in the autumn.”

Second tourism summit on Sunday

wait for The tourism professionals looking forward to the Sunday and the Wednesday. At the weekend, to be held in Bern, the second tourism summit, at which the Federal Council and industry representatives to exchange on how to proceed.

it is Expected that the Federal Council on Wednesday about further Openings from the 8. June decides. From this time, also mount to Railways and shipping can resume operation. The hospitality industry is reliant on the tourist offers in its entirety.

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