Animals were his whole life. Joëlle Poisson, septuagenarian now deceased, decided to do a good deed just before passing away. The Breton donated her entire fortune, estimated at one million euros, to an association for the protection of animals, located in Morbihan in Brittany.

The story begins in 2016 as Ouest-France explains, when this retiree, widowed since the death of her husband, learns that she is sick. While she has no heirs, she wonders to whom she could bequeath her fortune and her property when she disappears. She then contacted the Stéphane Lamart Association, which has been helping abandoned or abused animals since the 2000s. than a pond, to this association which collects animals from all over France.

In 2017, the septuagenarian welcomed a dozen abused donkeys into her home. A great action for the retiree who takes her new role to heart. She takes care of these animals, which represent a real social bond, for years. In May 2022, Joëlle Poisson dies. Having no direct heir, his will was respected: the association inherited his huge estate, on which there is also a chicken coop and a barn. An ideal place for the association, which will transform it into a refuge dedicated to farm animals after some work. Guardians will occupy the premises in the farmhouse belonging to the property, and will take care of maintaining the land and the flora of the estate, but also the animals.

But that’s not all. The retiree had, in addition to her estate, savings and life insurance. Everything has been bequeathed to the association, which is obviously very touched by this gesture. “Counting everything, it’s a legacy of around one million euros that Joëlle offers us,” Stéphane Lamart told Ouest-France.