The great ambition of the Brazilian, João (7), it was in order to be able to skate, but as a toddler was the little boy who suffered a stroke that led to cerebral palsy. The dream of being on a skateboard so as to be able to stand, however, was still in place. Now, he’s a project, a physical therapist, and a psychologist’s dream come true. The images are from the pure happiness of a Trainer, have been for thousands of times and viewed it, and shared it.

The images of an enthusiastic young boy, the world is round and that it is not the focus of his mother’s escape. The original Owner posted in the meantime, as a part of the story of her son on Twitter. “He grew up as a typical, curious boy”, what it sounds like. “He was all of the exciting activities on offer.”

the project to Unlock the ” Anima, must be a Trainer, have the dream and ambition to not give up and he will be able to drop fun at the skate park. “The world belongs to everybody,” said his mother.

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