The U.s. government has launched an investigation into the acquisition of the popular app, TikTok by a Chinese company, ByteDance. The app could be a potential threat to the national security of China, the data can be obtained. This a number of Us media outlets.

In november, ByteDance an app that was still to be called, and that teens used to use to karaoke videos to make. had the, at that time, about 60 million people in the United States and Europe. The Chinese company has promised to for the Musical.m does not have to be integrated in the other Chinese apps. In a year that happened, however, when she was integrated into a similar app for the company, TikTok. Over the past twelve months, TikTok, more than 750 million users.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and his Republican colleague, Tom Cotton called for the head of the secret police at the end of October in order to open an investigation. Experts to “carry out an assessment of the threat to the national security of the TikTok and other venues in the united states, it is in Chinese hands,” said the Senators.

the New York Times had ByteDance know it’s a top priority of the company to the trust and confidence of users and regulators in the US to win”. “As a part of this effort is to work with the Congress, and we will be happy to do it,” said a spokesman for the newspaper. He emphasized the importance of TikTok are no data for China is worried.

the TikTok is not to be used in China, but ByteDance will need to comply with Chinese law, including with the support of the information. That would be a back door for espionage in China in may.

China Chinese “spy” to the list of suing the Belgium to a little Girl (6) becomes quadriplegic after a female teacher embarrassing mistake during a lesson, Man cuts finger off “for life” after the snakebite, but it turned out not to be necessary, Also China will open an attack on e-cigarettes