Back off to better blow up ? In terms of retirement, there is no file similar to another, as it depends on your professional life, but also personal and the desires you have for this new chapter. Some are impatiently waiting for the legal retirement age to leave without looking back, even if they have not contributed all the necessary quarters at the full rate. Others, on the contrary, delay the deadline a little more to achieve this objective or to increase their retirement pension.

With the pension reform wanted by Emmanuel Macron, things could change. Indeed, Elisabeth Borne began to reveal her cards, announcing that the first generation affected by the law would be that of the year 1961. All French people who could retire at 62, the legal age before the reform, will have to work a few more months, maybe four, for the 65-year limit to be reached in the 1969 generation.

For the time being, we do not yet know who can be exempted from these additional years, but certain professions will not escape it, explained the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. Asked by France Info this Tuesday, December 6, he explained: “It is obvious that the agents of the Ministry of the Interior will be concerned to work like all French people a little more. I am a supporter”. “We will see what the Prime Minister will announce, but there is no question that the police, the gendarmes, the firefighters, do otherwise than the rest of the French”, he adds to the radio.

If the new starting age is set at 65, what will happen to the end of the discount? Elisabeth Borne mentioned the 67-year limit, currently in place, for automatic full-rate retirement. Currently, between the ages of 62 and 67, even the full rate reached, it is possible to continue to work in France. While many refuse, others hesitate to take the plunge, attracted in particular by the advantages offered by a few additional months or years. Here are which ones.