5:1 against Hannover: Dortmund’s goals in the title race


    it is by far in the championship duel between Borussia Dort care of the FC Bayern signals, Gestures, the strength or the small sign of weakness. That the BVB had managed since October, not really a clear victory in the Bundesliga, had nourished the Munich title hopes, but this line of argument is in the end very clear 5:1 victory of the table’s about to Hannover 96 for the time being, obsolete.

    Bundesliga round DISPLAY

    The BVB is up by Sunday, nine points ahead of Bayern, and continue to radiate an imposing sovereignty, while Hannover 96 after this humiliation, perhaps a coaching change is imminent. While Horst Heldt had claimed a victory at the League leaders, however, the Manager of the table, second to last after the blood-empty appearance against Bremen wanted to see at least one team, “the fighting, the Situation, is aware of its responsibility”. In the Subtext of the message was this: Should play the Team in Dortmund once again as weak as the rear round kick-off, will intensify the search for a successor for André width riders.

    to have taken at First, the professionals seemed to be the heart. They started with diligence and passion, they also had the first chances. Just two minutes into the game, as BVB goalkeeper Roman Bürki fighting off a dangerous header but the ball is Hendrik Weydandt, and after the subsequent corner Waldemar Anton from ten meters came to a conclusion, but the volley shot, the captain flew over the goal. Hannover seemed brave and determined, for twenty minutes, Dortmund found no spaces in the defense undergrowth of the well-stocked your opponent.

    it was Only when Marvin Bakalorz a terrible loss of the ball in the centre of their own half, the Borussia dangerous, but after his foot injury in the Team returned to Marco Reusverfehlte from the best Position of the gate (20.). This was the prelude to the best Phase of the table leader. First of all, Reus hit the post (22.), before Achraf Hakimi, the now well-deserved 1:0 (23.) The Moroccans had played a lovely one-two pass with Raphael Guerreiro and the Ball accurately from 16 yards into the far corner geschlenzt. However, it was only a temporary Flare-up of the Dortmund attack art. After the tour, the penalty scenes were rare, Hanover was looking for its own opportunities to create their own chances, however, remained without power, and the BVB was hardly ever really dangerous. However, in the second half Hannover 96dann broke in yet.