How to manage a dispute with your pension fund? Several specific scenarios are likely to justify conflicts between an insured person and the organization responsible for paying their pension, recalls Notre Temps. It is important, if this is your case, to remember that there are several remedies… and different operating methods. It is essential, once the procedure begins, to respect the deadlines. First of all, our colleagues explain, consider approaching the pension fund concerned and try to resolve the problem directly with it. It is, if you manage to plead your case correctly, the insurance to avoid disagreeable disagreements.

Is it with the Retirement Insurance that you encounter a problem? In this case, remember to go through the Amicable Appeals Commission (CRA) within two months of notification of the decision you are contesting. In case of conflict around the result, it is always possible to seize the mediator of the Retirement Insurance. It is always possible to take legal action. You can also appeal to the defender of rights.

In the event of a dispute with one of the public service funds, you must contact this scheme directly. If the result is not satisfactory, consider taking legal action before the administrative court. You can also appeal to the defender of rights.

Agirc-Arrco employees, like others, must first try to get closer to their pension fund. They can call upon the conciliator in the event of an unsatisfactory response or in the absence thereof. If the dispute persists, consider litigation. It is also possible to appeal to the defender of rights.

Find, in our slideshow below, five legitimate reasons to stand up against your pension fund.