(Montreal) Indefensible and The Night Where Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up earned the most nominations for the 38th Gémeaux Awards, with 14 and 12 citations, respectively.

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television-Quebec section announced Thursday its nominations for the trophies that will be awarded at the galas next fall.

Indéfendable, the daily series of the judicial community on TVA, is cited in the main categories, as best daily drama series, best direction for Stéphane Simard and Mariane McGraw and best texts for Nadine Bismuth, Erika Mathieu and Stéphane Hogue.

The show is also worth a number of nominations for its actors and actresses, in addition to Nour Belkhiria, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Sébastien Delorme and Michel Laperrière for the leading roles, and several others for supporting roles.

Considerably less cited than its rival in the same time slot – with 7 nominations – Radio-Canada’s daily STAT also stands out in the main categories of best daily drama series, best director for Danièle Méthot and best texts for Marie-Andrée Labbé . Suzanne Clément is also a finalist for best leading role, as are several of her colleagues in the supporting role categories.

With The night where Laurier Gaudreault woke up, cited in the category of best dramatic series, Xavier Dolan finds himself a finalist for the best director and the best texts, alongside André Turpin for the best photographic direction.

Among the shows with ten nominations are Avant le crash, Bye bye 2022, L’Échappée and Mégantic.